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Energy therapy sessions are aimed at restoring energy and emotional resources, helping to achieve harmony between the emotional and physical world, regaining inner balance and vitality. Energy therapy can also help to understand the causes of physical pains and diseases and provides tools for self-healing and self-help.

Sat on the Rocks

I recommend energy therapy for:

  • Those experiencing emotional instability;

  • Those feeling inner emptiness;

  • Those experiencing unexplained or chronic pain or anxiety;

  • Those afraid of their "abnormal" feelings and experiences;

  • Those exhausted and lacking the energy for any changes;

  • Those wishing to "fix their inner installation" to let light and peace flow again.

A session consists of a brief conversation, energy therapy session, and final discussion. During sessions, clients lie down calmly, while listening to calm music.

The number of meetings depends on the individual client's condition.

Duration: 60 minutes.

Price: 60 euros.

Writing on Beach

"I discovered energy therapy while looking for help for myself due to burnout. I felt like I couldn't rest and live authentically. Energy therapy sessions helped to return to balance with yourself, to calm down. It is a self-help tool for those who want to reconnect between their heart and body, between gray routine and reality."



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