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Agne Vezelyte


The energy body is a reflection of a person's mental and spiritual health.

By restoring the flow of vital energy, it is possible to solve not only psychological, but also physical human health problems. Energy therapy helps to restore mental and spiritual health, and sensory meditations teach you to cultivate it yourself.

About me

Agne Vēželytė

I started learning about the spiritual and energetic world in my early childhood. At the age of five, I already attended my first lessons in the knowledge of the subtle worlds with my first Teacher. Since I was young, I saw and experienced the world, this earth, in a different way - unusual, so all kinds of questions related to spirituality, energy, extrasensory sensations, visions or meditations kept arising. I was helped to answer them by spiritual teachers and personal practices that I created myself to help myself first. So, my "experience" of meditative and energy therapy practices is already 20 years. The spiritual journey that started in childhood is taking on more and more clear forms today. For five years now, I have been sharing the practices and ideas I have created with others, teaching author sensory meditation and energetic healing. - With love, Agnes

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I lead
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Rock Balancing

Energy therapy

  • Creates emotional stability.

  • Fills the inner void.

  • Reduces chronic pain and anxiety.

  • Encourages you to accept your "abnormal" feelings.

  • Restores strength and internal balance.

  • Gives light and confidence.

  • Brings back inner peace.

Sensory meditations

  • Brings back inner life and peace.

  • Teaches energy cleansing and protection.

  • Improves the quality of sleep and rest.

  • Teaches effective self-regulation methods.

  • Brings light and lightness into everyday life.

  • Strengthens intuition, self-esteem and self-confidence.

  • It teaches you to know your feelings and trust them.

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